Hello everybody

Hi, I’m Wayne Lane, and this is my website. No rules, nobody to answer to. That’s right, I’m doing it my way (apologies Frank). From this site you can hear my music, watch my videos, and read my commentary on the state of the world (as I see it). I hope you enjoy what you find here. Feel free to communicate your thoughts to me. I am not an island.

Peace and love,


8 Responses to Hello everybody

  1. Gary Bonadio says:

    Wayne ….Met you at the Church ( Dave’s uncle ) enjoyed the video…any interest in playing?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Wayne, I’m John. I play drums and sing with Gary. (You know, Dave’s uncle whom you met at church.)

  3. Sexy Garce says:

    Օn va dire que се n’est guère ffaսx !

  4. sm says:

    Bon bah j’en parlerai sur mon site

  5. Mince je pensais faire un article semblable à celui-là

  6. Très bon poste : je pense en discuter après avec
    certains de mes potes

  7. solitaire says:

    Puis-je recopier 2-3 paragraphes sur un site personnel ?

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